Why aren’t service workers returning to the F&B industry? Here’s one reason no one’s talking about.

Why aren’t service workers returning to the F&B industry? Here’s one reason no one’s talking about. It’s no secret that restaurants are short staffed right now. You surely noticed it the last time you went out to eat. The general consensus seems to be that “nobody wants to work”, but what are the real reasons servers haven’t come back? One of them might surprise you. First, let’s address the misconception in the room about servers being lazy and preferring to stay home. If you are the type of

A Beginner’s Guide to Planning the Perfect International Trip

How do I plan my first “big trip”? I see this question a lot from people who are new to the wonderful world of travel. Oftentimes they have the money, and even the PTO, but they don’t know where to begin! Now everybody has different interests and styles, but I’m going to walk through my planning process in a way that anyone can follow. 1. Choose your destination. I have an entire post dedicated to picking your destination, but I’ll keep it simple so we can move on to the next steps. Consider yo

10 Essential Tips for a Long-Haul Flight

How many times have you said NO to a dream destination because the flight was too long? How many times have you said YES and had an absolutely miserable time on the plane? I’ve got some travel tips and essentials that will transform your next flight from deplorable to…quite bearable. 1. Hydrate! I’m sure this one isn’t news, but I can’t stress its importance enough. Properly hydrating will keep your skin from feeling like it’s aged 10 years on a 10 hour flight. It will help your circulation, yo

Who Am I?

Brittany DiStefano, 30 and proud of it, long-time restaurant server, traveler, and natural wordsmith. 

My whole life I've been coming up with ads, jingles, and social media captions. I'm the go-to person when anyone needs an email written or a text edited. But until recently, I thought a career in writing meant I'd have to sit in an office and watch the clock. 

Now that I know I can help clients around the world from the comfort of my own couch-or the edge of the sea-I'm even more passionate about this thing called writing. 

Write. Save. Travel. Repeat. 

What Can I Do For YOU?

It all depends! 

For businesses, I offer copy and content services. Copy is my jam, and I love working on slogans, product descriptions, newsletters, and web copy. I write easy-to-read copy that engages and persuades!

I also write some content, as seen in my portfolio. My favorite topics to write on are travel, food&bev, and lifestyle/relationships. Content marketing can be an effective way to grow a captive audience. 

For individuals, I'm happy to help rewrite those "icky" texts, emails, complaints, and cover letters. How often have you put something off because the dread of writing it gave you anxiety? Outsource it to me and let that stress go!